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May you be nourished
May you know vitality
May you feel held

I believe childbirth and the first 40 days after birth are sacred rites of passage. Traditionally, in many cultures, there wasn’t a need for birth and postpartum doulas because we had community, and our communities would hold space for birthing and postpartum women by performing different ancient rituals and ceremonies, preparing nourishing meals, brewing herbal baths, wrapping the belly, oiling the body, and nurturing the heart.

It takes a village to raise a mother. My prayer is that our communities grow, and we are able to return to a way of life that holds the beauty of reciprocity. Until that time, it is my calling to hold you. This kind of care was never meant to be performed by just one person, but I will do everything I can to care for you well with what I have learned along my journey. It is my honor to be a part of your village as you awaken to this new dawn.

annie, postpartum doula mixing herbs

My Path to Mothering the Mother

Birth has been interwoven into my story since I was a child. I feel so grateful to have grown up around and learned from powerful women in my family who speak freely about their bodies and have complete trust that they inherently know how to birth their babies. These mothers and mentors have instilled in me that birth is wild, magical, intense, raw, and innate. It is a sacred journey and requires rest, deep healing, integration, and nourishment afterwards. Throughout my years of learning and growing, my paths continually lead me back to mothering the mother. 

“Our capacity as a culture to reorient towards life-affirming ways is dependent upon how we story, protect, and nourish mothers & families during birth and postpartum.”

— Kearsley Tate Schweller


It would be my honor to nourish you as you lean into rest and support during your tender birth and postpartum season.  


From prenatal visits to personalized postpartum menus, handmade herbal products, traditional ayurvedic belly wraps, and emotional support, my care packages are designed to ensure you feel nurtured, grounded, and ready to embrace motherhood with softness and vitality.

herbal postpartum recipes, wooden tools, and pottery

Client Testimonials

"Annie is just the best, and my husband and I do not know what we would've done without her help during birth and postpartum. At the birth of my daughter, Annie was an attentive and calming presence, knowing what I needed before I sometimes even did. I felt completely relaxed with her in the room and her special electrolyte drink was a miracle elixir for the end of the birth when I was feeling extremely tired. The postpartum period was something I had been anxious about, unsure what my body, mind, and baby were going to be like in the tender weeks after birth. Annie's help with meals, belly wraps, herbal baths, and general knowledge about both women and babies helped soothe any concerns I previously had. All of the food that she made was kind to my body and my mind, and everything was delicious and beautifully plated. And y’all, her morning and evening hot milk drinks?! OBSESSED. My breastmilk supply was overflowing thanks to Annie's herbs, and the quality of my milk was amazing thanks to the things she was cooking for me. Overall, Annie is a woman full of kindness, calmness, beauty, and wisdom, and I would recommend her to any woman/family for both birth and postpartum."


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